What is Mir Sufi Chi?

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Chi practices and Sufi healing can be traced back through history as separate disciplines. Many Chi practices have evolved through the ages including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qigong. Chi movements are tools for self-discipline which can be used in combination with Sufi healing to gently remove blockages from our human energy field.

Sufi healing is a system of healing which has been practiced by Sufis through the Ages. It was practiced by most Pirs (Masters/Teachers), Sheiks and Mystics of the Sufi Path. It is spiritual healing based on Sufi practices. In Mir Sufi Chi, Sufi healing energy is applied through movement.

Mir Sufi Chi practices develop focus through movement, breathing and meditation, as well as physical attainment. Everyone can benefit from Mir Sufi Chi, whatever their physical condition or needs.

The teaching method of Mir Sufi Chi is rooted in The Sufi Way. The Sufi Way is the way in which Sufis apply spirituality to their whole existence in every aspect of their lives.

Mir Sufi Chi is one of the practices of The Mir Sufi Path. Others include Mir Sufi Yoga and Mir Sufi Healing.

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